•Letter to Your 18 Year-Old Self•

• Letter to Your 18 Year-Old Self • Lauren (aka – the poor soul in training to be my right hand) proposed this blog.  With new graduates hitting the world with rose-colored glasses, what better way to offer guidance, than to share the ONE THING we wish we had known at their age? As I sat... Continue Reading →

•When the Door Shuts•

I held Xan for the first time on the week of his first birthday. Confusion - Happy Tears - Baby Smell - Overwhelming LOVE ❤️ I knew that he was mine ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Two weeks after coming home, we were told his case was rejected by the court system. Panic - Tears - Anger - Heartbreak... Continue Reading →

•Mother’s Day•

Mother's Day "Happy Mother's Day!!" - yelled across the parking lot by a stranger "Would all of the Moms please stand to be recognized?" - a well meaning preacher "You wouldn't understand, you don't have kids." - a friend May is upon us, and Mother's Day is around the corner.  If you would allow, may I ask a... Continue Reading →

•Are Christians Bullies?•

This Easter, a recent conversation has me wondering - are Christians bullies? If you required me to choose a 'yes or no' answer today, then I would choose YES (please, hold your *gasp*). I am not saying that Christians are "bad" people, just that we are judgmental at times (guilty!!). Don't believe me? Does this... Continue Reading →

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