Coach Stephanie’s Summer Challenge

Finish 2019 strong, set yourself up for an amazing 2020…and I’ll reward you for it! Here’s the truth: A consistent business is the result of consistent prospecting. Here’s the game: The Summer Appointment Setting Challenge isn’t just about booking the most appointments. It’s about making appointment setting part of your daily life! This is YOUR... Continue Reading →

Does a Low Income Client Deserve Your Best?

Our team was recently mocked by a local real estate agent for “taking any listing we can get”, even the “low income homes”. When I heard the jab, my first instinct was to lash out in anger. Thankfully, God held my tongue. Once I took a moment to rehash the statement, I came to the... Continue Reading →

Business Basics: Part One — Email

Thanks to all of your hustle, sleepless nights, and tears of frustration, you’re venture is growing — CONGRATULATIONS!! Now that you have a moment to breathe, let’s review a few of the foundational basics for a growing business. Must Have — Business Email Address First of all, may we please take a moment to say goodbye to your email... Continue Reading →

•A Mississippi Fourth•

In the city of Starkville (population 25,352), one real estate company goes above and beyond to celebrate with the city’s residents. Traditionally, starting at sunset on July 3, Coldwell Banker S.R.E. agents, families and friends, start blanketing the city with American flags. “Each year, sharing American flags with friends and neighbors continues to bring me... Continue Reading →

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