Coach Stephanie’s Summer Challenge

Target, Goal, Success, Dart Board, Darts, Accuracy

Finish 2019 strong,
set yourself up for an amazing
2020…and I’ll reward you for it!

Here’s the truth:

A consistent business is the result of consistent prospecting.

Here’s the game:

The Summer Appointment Setting Challenge isn’t just about booking the most appointments.

It’s about making appointment setting part of your daily life!

This is YOUR business. What makes the difference between Rockstars and the also-rans is discipline. That’s why I am rewarding the discipline of your daily investment in yourself.

Here are the details:

Between 06/01 and 08/31, log in to The HUB -AND- input your new booked appointments in your Activity Tracker.

Yes, this is a challenge. So here’s how you qualify to win:

You must book at least 30 appointments and input them in The HUB between 06/01 and 08/31. Winners will be chosen by the highest number of appointments per month, and the overall total for the Grand Prize.

**Appointment:  first meeting w/a potential client

Here’s what’s in it for you:

An awesome 2019… and starting 2020 with a full pipeline and tons of momentum!

Here’s what else it can mean to you:

The Grand Prize: You – as the potential lucky winner – will receive Tom Ferry’s book “Mindset, Model & Marketing”, a victory trophy, engraved with your name, and $100

Monthly Prize: The winner for each month will receive a victory trophy, engraved with the lucky winner’s name.

Ready to ramp it up?

Here are some appointment-setting resources to get you started:

James’ Journey: How one coaching member booked an appointment a day for a year!

Total Commitment: How Mariangel Wilkinson booked 103 appointments in less than five months and won her $10K bet with Tom!

100 Appointment Challenge: How Ryan Skrzypkowski killed it in 2018 after finishing 2017 on an appointment-setting blitz!

**Original challenge idea by Tom Ferry


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